Dragonhack 2016 (1): Video and Photos

Earlier this month I attended Dragonhack in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a truly amazing hackathon and I got to know and work with a whole bunch of awesome people. Turns out the organizers made an aftermovie for the event which they have recently released and which I’m gonna share with you today. Try to see if you can spot me in the video, I haven’t found myself in it so far…

However, they also had a professional photographer at the venue who took over 200 photos, so there inevitably are also some photos of us. I’m gonna share the two best photos of us: One of our entire team deep in discussion and one of me on stage demoing our hack with my teammates in the background launching a last-minute effort to get our livedemo to work.

Btw, maybe you noticed this post has a (1) in the title. That’s because we’re actually planning to release the app we made during Dragonhack in a few weeks. It is called Lecture Potato and will help you stay more focused during lectures / meetings / you name it. How does it do that you ask? Excellent question for another post I’m gonna write after we actually released it on the Play Store 😉

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