.tk OR If you wait long enough, your free domain is free again

Back in 2009, the first website for Easy Feed Editor was at easy-feed-editor.bplaced.net. But since that URL is really long and not very trustworthy, I thought about getting a TLD: Now you have to remember that I was still a high school student back then and I didn’t want to waste any money on a proper domain for a project that might just live for a few more months.

So I kind of went the middle way and got a .tk-Domain. The advantage of those are that they are free. The deal however is that you need to renew your registration once a year or the domain will become available to everyone again.
Being busy with other stuff I forgot to do this last year. A few hours too late I noticed and tried to renew the registration, hoping the no one else had registered it already. Which luckily no one had. However the domain was now considered a Premium Domain and no longer available for free (probably due to having actual traffic).
I didn’t want to spend money on a .tk when I could get a a ‘proper’ TLD for less, so I registered easy-feed-editor.org and kind of forgot about the .tk.
A few days ago I went to the website out of pure interest and found that easy-feed-editor.tk is no longer a Premium Domain, so I was able to reregister it for another year for free.

Takeaway: If you have a .tk do one of the following

  • be careful to renew it on time
  • be prepared to pay
  • risk not being reachable until your domain is no longer considered a Premium Domain.

(The first option is probably the best one.)

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